China OEM Cast Iron Expansion Flanged Universal Dismantling Joint Ruixuan Factory Price

Product Description

Product Description

        Double flanged loose sleeve force transfer joint, type VSSJAF(1990 standard) or C2F(2007 standard), consists of flanged loose sleeve

expansion joint, short pipe flange, force transfer screw and other components. It can transfer the pressure thrust of the connected parts (blind

plate force) and compensate the installation error of the pipeline, can not absorb the axial displacement, mainly used for the loose sleeve

connection with the pump, valve and other accessories.

Advantages: easy to install, easy to install the valve, can withstand the pipeline axial tension.


Product Parameters



DN DW                       flange  connection size total
 Regulating quantity
flange outer diameter
Bolt hole center circle diameter


 Bolt aperture


65 76 185 145 18 4 330 200 20
80 89 200 160 18 8 330 200 20
100 114 220 180 18 8 330 200 20
125 140 250 210 18 8 330 200 20
150 168 285 240 22 8 340 200 20
200 219 340 295 22 8 340 200 20
250 273 395 350 22 12 340 200 20
300 325 445 400 22 12 370 220 25
350 377 505 460 22 16 370 220 25
400 426 565 515 26 16 380 220 25
450 480 615 565 26 20 380 220 25
500 530 670 620 26 20 380 220 25
600 630 780 725 30 24 420 240 25
700 720 895 840 30 24 420 240 25
800 820 1015 950 33 24 560 350 30
900 920 1115 1050 33 28 560 350 30
1000 1571 1230 1160 36 28 560 350 30
1200 1220 1455 1380 39 32 600 370 30
1400 1420 1675 1590 42 36 630 370 30
1600 1620 1915 1820 48 40 670 380 30
1800 1820 2115 2571 48 44 670 380 30
2000 2571 2325 2230 48 48 690 400 30
2200 2220 2550 2440 56 52 730 400 30
2400 2420 2760 2650 56 56 730 400 30
2600 2620 2960 2850 56 60 820 450 40
2800 2820 3180 3070 56 64 820 450 40
3000 3571 3405 3290 60 68 840 450 40

The above data is for reference only, we can also customize according to your needs.

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Production process


products application


This product is suitable for conveying sea water, fresh water, hot and cold water, drinking water, domestic sewage, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil,

refined oil, air, gas, temperature is not higher than 250ºC steam and granule powder and other media.


1). Qualified detachable double flange power delivery joint Supplier in  China’s west to east gas pipeline project;

(2) Strong R&D strength;

(3) Strict Quality Control System;

(4) Perfect Test System;

(5) Professional After-sale Service Team;

6) OEM Service.

Company Profile

       HangZhou Ruixuan pipeline equipment factory was founded in 1996.It  is an excellent  enterprise  specializing  in manufacturing  and selling pipe fittings.It’s located  in Xicun village ,HangZhou  city,ZheJiang province ,the concentrated  area  of pipeline equipment industry  in China.The  company factory  is located  in Xicun town pipeline equipment industrial park.It covered an area of20000  square  meters.

        At present, the company has the production capacity of pipeline equipment with a maximum diameter of 4000mm, and its main products are: Steel expansion joint, flexible waterproof sleeve, large diameter flange, double flange force transfer expansion joint, large deflection loose sleeve compensation joint, spherical compensation joint, sleeve compensator, bellows compensator, non-metallic compensator, rubber expansion joint, DC medium no thrust sleeve compensator, flexible expansion pipe and other pipeline equipment. The annual production capacity is 30 million sets.

       The flexible telescopic pipe equipment is mainly used in the pipeline crossing different geological structures under different conditions and the application of pipe installation drop, reduce or avoid the impact of geological settlement and crustal activity on the pipeline, so that the construction unit can save more than 50% of the cost when purchasing the equipment. The rubber expansion joint series products of the company, the maximum production diameter of 3600mm, have been applied in millions of units of thermal power projects in China for many times, and have been praised by the users.

        The company passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification in 2009 and ISO14000:2004 environmental management system certification in 2009. The company has a strict quality control system, standard production process, standard factory inspection hand section, to ensure that every product meets the national standards and customer requirements.

         Business philosophy: responsible production of products, return the trust of customers; To build a community with a sense of belonging and appreciate employees’ contributions; Make a contribution to the society of enterprises, give back to the good times. HangZhou Ruixuan pipeline equipment factory is willing to work with friends from all walks of life hand in hand, mutual support, create a better future







Q1: What is the Warranty for the double flange delivery joint ?
A1.  For the double flange delivery joint  ,we have 18 monthes warranty.If any quality problems on our side occured in this period ,we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.
double flange delivery joint

Q2: What is the specific size of the double flange delivery joint ?
A2.We have different size of mold,so we have some special length for every size. For the rare requirements of our customers,we are able to design model to produt it.
double flange delivery joint

Q3: What is the payment terms?
 A3.You can through T/T,Western union ,Paypal ,Escrow.OA/Cash/Paypal/Credit/Alibaba Escow/Visa/Master Card .Normally 30% deposit,and 70% balance payment before shipment
double flange delivery joint

Q4.Can i get a sample of double flange delivery joint ?
 A4.Of cause you can!  we provide sample to every customer.If you are interest in our company enquiry,we will try our best to meet your requirements.
double flange delivery joint

Q5. Is that your company have another products for us to choose from?
A5: Our main products include rotary joint, telescopic expansion joint ,  oil hose  ,metal hose and  hydraulic hose 
double flange delivery joint

Q6. What is the our MOQ for the double flange delivery joint ?
A6: Our MOQ is 1 piece of double flange delivery joint  . You can also get it as a sample to test our product quality.
double flange delivery joint

Q7.When we contact you ?
A7.24 hours a day,anytime and anywhere

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Brand Name: Ruixuan
Model Number: Vssjaf/C2f
Technics: Forged
US$ 8/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Shipping Cost:

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Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

universal joint

Can universal joints be used in aerospace and aviation applications?

Yes, universal joints can be used in aerospace and aviation applications, albeit their usage is limited and specific to certain systems. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Aerospace and aviation industries often require precise and reliable mechanical systems to ensure the safe and efficient operation of various components and subsystems. While universal joints are widely used in many industries, their application in aerospace and aviation is more limited due to the stringent requirements and specific conditions of these fields.

Here are some key points to consider regarding the use of universal joints in aerospace and aviation applications:

  1. Control Systems: Universal joints can be employed in control systems within aircraft and spacecraft. These control systems involve the transmission of motion and rotation between different components or surfaces. Universal joints can provide flexibility and enable the adjustment of control surfaces such as rudders, ailerons, or flaps, allowing for precise control of the aircraft’s movement.
  2. Instrumentation and Testing: Universal joints can be utilized in instrumentation and testing equipment used in aerospace and aviation. These applications often require the transmission of rotational motion and torque to various sensors, actuators, or measuring devices. Universal joints can facilitate the required motion transfer while compensating for misalignment or angular variations, ensuring accurate data acquisition and reliable testing results.
  3. Spacecraft Deployment Mechanisms: In space exploration missions, universal joints can be employed in deployment mechanisms. These mechanisms are responsible for deploying antennas, solar panels, or other components of spacecraft once they reach their destination. Universal joints can accommodate the complex motion and alignment requirements during the deployment process, ensuring smooth and controlled extension of these critical components.
  4. Engine Accessories: Universal joints can be utilized in certain engine accessories or auxiliary systems in aerospace and aviation. These may include fuel pumps, generators, or hydraulic systems. Universal joints can transmit rotational motion and torque from the engine to these accessories, allowing them to operate efficiently and reliably.
  5. Cautions and Limitations: The usage of universal joints in aerospace and aviation applications requires careful consideration of factors such as weight, space constraints, reliability, and safety. These industries have strict regulations and standards to ensure the highest levels of performance and safety. Therefore, the selection, integration, and testing of universal joints must be performed in accordance with the specific requirements and guidelines provided by the regulatory authorities and industry best practices.

In summary, while universal joints have limited application in aerospace and aviation, they can be utilized in control systems, instrumentation and testing, spacecraft deployment mechanisms, and engine accessories. Careful consideration of the specific requirements, regulations, and safety standards is essential when incorporating universal joints into aerospace and aviation systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

universal joint

How does a universal joint affect the overall efficiency of a system?

A universal joint can have an impact on the overall efficiency of a system in several ways. The efficiency of a system refers to its ability to convert input power into useful output power while minimizing losses. Here are some factors that can influence the efficiency of a system when using a universal joint:

  • Friction and energy losses: Universal joints introduce friction between their components, such as the cross, bearings, and yokes. This friction results in energy losses in the form of heat, which reduces the overall efficiency of the system. Proper lubrication and maintenance of the universal joint can help minimize friction and associated energy losses.
  • Angular misalignment: Universal joints are commonly used to transmit torque between non-aligned or angularly displaced shafts. However, when the input and output shafts are misaligned, it can lead to increased angular deflection, resulting in energy losses due to increased friction and wear. The greater the misalignment, the higher the energy losses, which can affect the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Backlash and play: Universal joints can have inherent backlash and play, which refers to the amount of rotational movement that occurs before the joint begins to transmit torque. Backlash and play can lead to decreased efficiency in applications that require precise positioning or motion control. The presence of backlash can cause inefficiencies, especially when reversing rotational direction or during rapid changes in torque direction.
  • Mechanical vibrations: Universal joints can generate mechanical vibrations during operation. These vibrations can result from factors such as angular misalignment, imbalance, or variations in joint geometry. Mechanical vibrations not only reduce the efficiency of the system but can also contribute to increased wear, fatigue, and potential failure of the joint or other system components. Vibration damping techniques, proper balancing, and maintenance can help mitigate the negative effects of vibrations on system efficiency.
  • Operating speed: The operating speed of a system can also impact the efficiency of a universal joint. At high rotational speeds, the limitations of the joint’s design, such as imbalance, increased friction, or decreased precision, can become more pronounced, leading to reduced efficiency. It’s important to consider the specific speed capabilities and limitations of the universal joint to ensure optimal system efficiency.

Overall, while universal joints are widely used and provide flexibility in transmitting torque between non-aligned shafts, their design characteristics and operational considerations can affect the efficiency of a system. Proper maintenance, lubrication, alignment, and consideration of factors such as misalignment, backlash, vibrations, and operating speed contribute to maximizing the efficiency of the system when utilizing a universal joint.

universal joint

What is a universal joint and how does it work?

A universal joint, also known as a U-joint, is a mechanical coupling that allows for the transmission of rotary motion between two shafts that are not in line with each other. It is commonly used in applications where shafts need to transmit motion at angles or around obstacles. The universal joint consists of a cross-shaped or H-shaped yoke with bearings at the ends of each arm. Let’s explore how it works:

A universal joint typically comprises four main components:

  1. Input Shaft: The input shaft is the shaft that provides the initial rotary motion.
  2. Output Shaft: The output shaft is the shaft that receives the rotary motion from the input shaft.
  3. Yoke: The yoke is a cross-shaped or H-shaped component that connects the input and output shafts. It consists of two arms perpendicular to each other.
  4. Bearings: Bearings are located at the ends of each arm of the yoke. These bearings allow for smooth rotation and reduce friction between the yoke and the shafts.

When the input shaft rotates, it causes the yoke to rotate along with it. Due to the perpendicular arrangement of the arms, the output shaft connected to the other arm of the yoke experiences rotary motion at an angle to the input shaft.

The universal joint works by accommodating the misalignment between the input and output shafts. As the input shaft rotates, the yoke allows the output shaft to rotate freely and continuously despite any angular displacement or misalignment between the two shafts. This flexibility of the universal joint enables torque to be transmitted smoothly between the shafts while compensating for their misalignment.

During operation, the bearings at the ends of the yoke arms allow for the rotation of the yoke and the connected shafts. The bearings are often enclosed within a housing or cross-shaped cap to provide protection and retain lubrication. The design of the bearings allows for a range of motion and flexibility, allowing the yoke to move and adjust as the shafts rotate at different angles.

The universal joint is commonly used in various applications, including automotive drivelines, industrial machinery, and power transmission systems. It allows for the transmission of rotary motion at different angles and helps compensate for misalignment, eliminating the need for perfectly aligned shafts.

It is important to note that universal joints have certain limitations. They introduce a small amount of backlash or play, which can affect precision and accuracy in some applications. Furthermore, at extreme angles, the operating angles of the universal joint may become limited, potentially causing increased wear and reducing its lifespan.

Overall, the universal joint is a versatile mechanical coupling that enables the transmission of rotary motion between misaligned shafts. Its ability to accommodate angular displacement and misalignment makes it a valuable component in numerous mechanical systems.

China OEM Cast Iron Expansion Flanged Universal Dismantling Joint Ruixuan Factory Price  China OEM Cast Iron Expansion Flanged Universal Dismantling Joint Ruixuan Factory Price
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